The Lover

The Lover

Burning, burning, happy burning
Torturous soul, light my heart
Remedy fragments of a broken soul
Drizzle pouring from shattered eyes

Blink wildly at the passion
Upon the roof of my ruby red lips

Inside, claw me to pieces
But let me hold my magic
Have I any magic left to give?

Blood soaking out of pores
Devoured by another’s hands

Flittering heart
Be still and kind to me

Don’t let me fall
Arms outstretched
The hope of another distant dream
Clawing through the harsh ravines of destiny

Sell my freedom for a packet of cigarettes
So much left
No-where to go
Hopeless agenda
Perfect memories
Fragile reminiscent fingertips

Wipe away a tortured past
Draw a picture of the perfect child in a raindrop of life
Breaking brutally apart from heaven

Divinity a heart beat away
Clasp a kiss in the palm of your hand

Hope and dream like crazy
Upon a blanket of desire
Mirrored pools of wonder
Fall from the uterus of the earth
Beckoning arrays of madness

Cruel echoes in the night
Swept away in the glory of a half-arsed love

Peaceful rest and a bottle of wine
Breaks the solitude of contented sighs

Reverie of comfort
Waiting patiently for life

Spread bubbles of a fragrant melting serenity
Dancing through the halls of time

Memoirs of blood won’t leave me alone
An abundance of emotion sweeping through my veins

Carry innocence in a pink pouch
Smeared with the scent of a glowing lover

Can you hold me in your arms
And whisper secrets of longing in my ear?

Taint me with the passion of an entire era
Bathe me in the beauty of the universe

Feel stupidity and bliss
In a package cloaked in purple mist

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