The Snow Field

Alex’s head fell to the side. The blanket of snow beneath her cast a searing burn upon her cheek, as her pale face melded with the white of the earth. Her green eyes opened to the figure lying beside her. A sharp inhalation of ice struck her, while warmth rippled through her being.
At the same exact time, Isaac slowly opened his eyes. The second he did he knew he was fucked. For in that instant he saw the emerald wonder in the eyes of the woman next to him. Pure truth poured through him, as he acknowledged the beauty she radiated.
The green of Alex’s eyes searched Isaac’s form, wanting to delve inward. The dishevelled brown hair, the sheer intensity of that blue, the exquisite angular curve below his chin, and that dark coating upon his skin, soft enough to drink in with the eyes alone. The sight of his physical form sent a tapestry of desire dancing through her core, making her heart rush.
Isaac looked upon the pale angelic features before him; the green that he knew he could lose his very soul in, those slightly parted lips, and the blonde curls unfurling haphazardly upon the snow. As he drunk her in, he felt a wrenching desire unlike any he had ever known before.
Furrowing her brow in serene fascination, and inexplicable awe, Alex felt a sudden need to dive inside Isaac’s form. For within him, as she stared into those sapphire pools, she perceived nothing short of an endlessly expanding landscape of indescribable beauty…
Exceedingly precious epitomes aching to be read.
Waves of crimson passion.
Golden fortified valleys clutching secrets.
Surreal wasted deserts of experience, littered with pockets of pain.
All surrounded by a sublime indigo ocean of dazzling depth, through which hope playfully tumbled.
And inside she said, ‘I see you Isaac’.
At the same time as Alex studied the possibilities of his interior, Isaac registered that this woman’s physical beauty could not account for the power of his desire. He wanted her with a desperation that was foreign to him. As he stared at her, he realised that he wanted what was beneath that perfect surface….
An entire universe of agonisingly gorgeous forms.
Enchanting heavenly bodies orbiting a burning, glowing phenomena.
Divine magenta bubbles clasping images of haunting sadness and tangible joy.
Diamonds shivering through the darkness.
And torrents of madness, all steeped in velvet romance.
He saw this and more, and silently proclaimed, ‘I see you Alex’.
At the sheer reflection of such truths, the two of them simultaneously crumbled with raw vulnerability. The anticipation of discovering the other was intoxicatingly thrilling. It vibrated wildly within them.
Instinctively her pale, slender fingers slid through the white, in search of his. At the touch of a single fingertip a tsunami of warm brilliance flooded Issac’s body. Almost involuntarily, their fingertips begun to dance upon the skin of the other. A deep, aching pull plummeted through their bodies as they came to know each other’s hands. Hungrily, yet with extreme fragility, fingertips explored the surface of fingers and hands, longing to travel further and discover more.
A blissful melting resided in them as their fingers inevitably locked together. Time receded in that moment. Space folded in upon itself, respecting this most profound of unions; as with terror, and breathtaking clarity, two souls acknowledged a rare and astounding need to know the other.

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