Immortal Sense

I am reading through some of the journals I had when I was a teenager, and I came upon this. I wrote it when I was sixteen …

Immortal Sense

Sense of strength, burning down her frazzled spine, wonders what it is moving for
Inspiration is in turmoil, not knowing how to birth the hidden caverns of beauty within
Shafts of life seize through her fingertips, tingling in harmony, wondering what they are receiving for

The ice is waiting patiently on the outskirts of her subconscious palette
Can she fool it?
Or will it crawl back in and deform her soul once more?
Marks of congealed blood appear beneath her eyes
Weep your heart away
She has seen the blood before, tangled in a web of silk around her arm

Peace of mind is a watery vision that she cannot touch
Staring at her illusion of self, mirrored in her teardrops
Her teardrops wonder what they are falling for
Soak up her soul in a heart-shaped cushion filled with diamond pieces
She wonders if the scars will ever let her rest
She opens her mouth to a bird’s cry of anguish and the release of life’s intoxication
Somebody is dying at this moment
Hope exudes from her being – hope that they have lived well – dancing majestically on the earth in yellow velvet
Go into the centre of the sun
Will they burn, pine, perish or radiate?

Naked body upon the earth, consuming every ounce of crystal folly from her broken lashes
She doesn’t run anymore
She walks in the fiery coals of life, knowing the burning will pass, the open sores of despair will close and let her live again
The crescendo of passion drawing near, peaking, peering out at the horizon of her deepest desires
Crawling out of her silver shell in the ebb and flow of anticipation and destruction
Blue footprints upon her past
Life hanging by a glimmer, she threads a sense of safety for herself

How can she live in a world of such passion?
Maybe she is mad
She holds the key to passion, and madness seeps through the pores of her face
She covers her face with her hands, laughing at her own follies
Pieces of pink magic shiver by
She wants to seize them all!
Manically clasping at thousands of stars that fall from the sky, unable to satisfy her desire with the one piece of pink magic that might make her whole

Past sugar-coated demons won’t leave her alone

Tickle her with painted roses to dispel the hands of the demon
Her body wonders why it cares, why it yearns
Is there any point?
Gaze upon a fragile jaded soul
See eternity in the face of madness
See hope in the eyes of a lover
Mould clay in a perfect picture of happiness

Take it or leave it
Beat it or seize it
Coat it or prepare it
The earth is beckoning her to dance
Music sliding in from the darkness
Rumours of a superstitious fate and a sewn-up symbol of love
Nameless heartbreak patterns the folds of her fragile soul
Rays of emotion beating down, the pitter-patter of misery’s shadow
The faint whisper of a forbidden ghost
Locking lips with unknown forces
Pumping passion, seething, crimson desire
Formidable touch blankets her appetite

Breath of destruction swept away by a new glimmer of white perfection


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