‘You Found Me’


You found me in the darkness
In a cave of my own making
Adorned with nothing but the wreckage of my past
Desolate, suffering, bleeding
I thought I was too broken to move
But staring into you
Staring into me
I can slowly rise
And stumble into the unfolding dawn

By your side colour returns to the world
I can navigate the wilderness before me
With all its crushed dreams and scarlet pain
I thought I was too broken to live
But I see the beauty of the world reflected in your eyes
I feel the compassion of ten thousand nations in your touch
I forget my angry black scars in one utopian kiss

Take my hand and lead me to safety
Walk with me
Through the ravaged landscape of all my shattered parts
Let my story tumble out of me
Mould me back into myself
Linger with me on the winding path of my potential
Hold me when I freshly break
Please don’t give up on me
Tell me to keep going
Convince me that we are nearly at that exulted peak

I can see it now, in the distance
I thought I was too broken to love
But love is cataclysmically soaking through my being
Making me ache
Persuading me to abandon all my fears
And leap into the abyss of the unknown with you

5 thoughts on “‘You Found Me’”

  1. “Linger with me on the winding path of my potential….” what a fascinating imagery you bring! I used to write when younger too, but only for myself. Maybe I’ll try and post a few – your prose gives me courage! This one tells me you feel LOVE can heal anything, it can empower it can enlighten it can revive the most deadened parts of our soul. Wonderful. ☼


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