The Emerald Soul

He has known fear
He has touched it with the trepidation of innocent belief
He has been betrayed
By a figure of darkness hiding in a veil of familiarity
He has been loved
Surrounded in a golden circle of acceptance

He has not let anything break him

He soaks up life with glistening canvasses drenched in wine
Watching other souls of the world with orange coated intrigue
His heart is a battlefield of crimson wisdom
He seeks pleasure in the thrones of distant castles
In the subtleties of aromatic villages
His passions light a path of ochre determination
He picks up truth like jewels on a mahogany desert path

He reaches out to some distant cavern of contentment
Something sensed but not yet held

Greatness resides in the flavours of his essence
They resound in a utopian harmony, waiting to be unleashed to the world
Tainting his life with purple pleated dreams that manifest in cool reality

He carries with him perfection

In the emeralds of his soul


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