Why read this novel?

A novel is long, and you probably don’t have the time right? There’s also a lot of crap writing out there on the net. You sift through categories and tags of interest, but really when it comes down to it, if the writing doesn’t get you in the first couple of lines you are moving on. You like short, succinct, poignant posts. I get that. And I will still post plenty of writing in that style, so don’t panic just yet. However, as I got over-excited yesterday and posted the prologue of my first fiction novel, I thought perhaps I should provide a description of what the book is actually about. That way you can decide whether or not it is something that may tweak your prolonged interest. So, this is what ‘Chase Hope’ is all about:

Set in Perth, Western Australia, CHASE HOPE is an moving and provocative literary novel that follows the journey of three interconnected protagonists: Chase, a guarded young man with a haunted past; Hope, an introverted  woman whose life is in shambles; and her younger brother Tanner, a sensitive, eccentric and deeply perceptive teenager with a mad obsession for ancient history.

After years of mindless escapism Chase finds himself on the precipice of a mental breakdown. Quitting his unfulfilling office job, in a most unorthodox fashion, he stumbles upon Tanner, and is immediately confronted by his dazzling insight and strange way of looking at the world. They develop a deep and unusual friendship, marked by the subtle healing of Chase, and it is through Tanner that Chase is introduced to Hope. Hope, silently unhappy in a relationship going nowhere, yearns for a deeper love, as she battles to unravel the truth about her mother’s past. Only just now beginning to know her real father – a jaded American architect – Hope gradually pieces together the story of his and her mother’s love affair in Tuscany. The tragic tale of her conception is revealed through potent flashbacks and illuminating conversations, until finally, the whole truth is born, and it threatens to change everything. Hope’s mother, Audrey, finds herself torn between her loyal and devoted husband, and the man she had secretly longed for since she was seventeen. As Hope uncovers the truth, her relationship with Chase deepens, as he too struggles to overcome the demons of his past. The climax of the novel also sees Tanner’s happy, stable world turned upside down, making his volatile, emotionally erratic and manipulative side emerge – setting off a butterfly effect of dire consequences that sees every character dramatically altered, and at least one person fighting for their life.

CHASE HOPE is a story about human fallibility; a testament to the light and darkness in us all. It is a unique tale of love, grief, self-deception, and above all, truth. Many themes are woven throughout the book, making it a significant and interesting social commentary. At the forefront is the importance of finding truth, shown symbolically in scenes reflecting the healing power of water. Also central is the theme of the perils of modern technology, which threatens to destroy the sacredness of real human contact.

CHASE HOPE is aimed at a wide adult audience. It has mainstream potential, and its provocative depth is designed to challenge and confront the reader on many levels. Its romance and dialogue will appeal to women, whilst men are invited to identify with the authenticity of the male protagonists.  


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