The Blue Train

Life begins to become a vision

Slowly passing by

Like a bustling train on a path to an unknown destination

Your feet are hypnotised

And move towards the life

But that inner cry bites

Sickeningly sweet

You must aboard or face the consequences

The fear plucks dangerously at your nerves

A master of the cello and you the victim

Lightening streaks

Crash of reality

Heavy burden upon your back

Desperation beyond all despair

And once aboard

Heart pumps fast

Blood drowning inner hope

The final glance at freedom

Air vent seems to tell you

‘You stupid little being’

You realise what has happened

And you’re not even on a high

The blessing you have been given

Shoved into your face

Has been stripped in rude will

From your vulnerable peeling skin

The cries served a purpose

If only patience had availed

Maybe you’d be standing

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