The Decadent Question

‘Have you ever felt you are in a dream, when you know it is reality?’

She asks her heaven angel

A hushed whisper floats toward her

Broken free of the angel’s lips

What is reality in a world so cruel and golden?


In the crow’s haven she dwells

Someone had clipped her wing

No flight means she cannot thrive

Concrete pavement smacks against her heavy burden of a skull

Eyelids flutter

She promptly asks, ‘Do you have a cigarette?’


A plaguing desire that once hit her

Forever will miss her now

Creeping slowly up

The fever wants to burn her up to cinder

Penetrative barriers resurrect themselves within her soul

A predator climbs moulded from her toes

Counting the rungs to her heart

Its deadly eye is a glare of passion

It streaks before it strikes

Her fear bursts free and fangs melodramatically consume


A voice inside her decides to cry out for help

Desperate shrieks thrown wildly through open chasms laden with envy

The reality trickles in like a deceptive beacon in the night

Drumming through the corridors of time

Sitting in a blanket at her feet

Waiting to arise again


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