My One


Pale blue murmurs shiver across the globe

A soul is lit up in the darkness

His identity swirling through the line

Catch it in an instant

Hello, my One


A melody is manifested in the clouds

Dancing sublimely through my veins

Precarious shadows pour forth

A thousand details unify in a moment

Allowing me to find my One


Silent unfolding

Hauntingly familiar words rivet my mind

A beautiful truth is rippled into existence

Masks of the past fall to the earth

Allowing me to explore my One


Strange belonging pulling my heart

The very vision of him shattering my reality

Wanting that burns into a need

Desperation begins to transcend time

Allowing me to know my One


My every fibre mirrored in his eyes

Everything I have known is surrendered

Impossible utopia at my fingertips

Please, universe โ€ฆ.

Allow me to have my One


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘VISION‘ at The Daily Post

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