The Bright Stairs of Acceptance

The demon’s structure is built on social pillars

Consider your position in the universal scheme of things

Are you dancing in ecstasy under an unthinkable sky?

Are you lying back, clinging to the purple glimmer of your shadow?

Are you not a part of it at all?

Alienated … not belonging

Watching life go by without you in it

You collect your keys

Yet you fail to open anything

Do you want someone else to take care of you?

Does the thought of your dependency have you trembling tumultuously from the inside out?

Are you still foolish enough to believe you can shoulder the world?

You are not able to deal with your own existence

Are you trying to be accepted into the world like a trendy shoe?

You know nothing

Inertia will sweep over you


Save yourself

Author’s Note: I found this poem hiding in my high school journals. I wrote it when I was fifteen years old.


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