I see the pattern of you drift out through the ether

Collecting my darkness and morphing it into love

The fortified cave I crafted against the world

Is compromised by your every movement

I am so very terrified by how deep I have fallen

My being vibrates with the contradiction

Of self-preservation versus need


So I smack you in the face with my fallibility

Slam my black wraiths into your line of sight

Punch you with the power of my demons

Pin you to the concrete with my pain

Demand that you leave me

So I can just be

And hold the beauty of you in my memory

Before it is inevitably stolen from me


Push it, deflect it, damage it, and siphon it

To guard against the abandonment that will break me

But my arsenal is useless

And I am rendered defenceless

The love pours in like liquid gold

An unstoppable force of rightness


Every mask I have forged pushes you away

The real me craves you beyond wanting

You are my undeserved perfection

And I can no longer protect myself

For you have become my purpose for living


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘PURPOSE‘ at The Daily Post

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