The Citadel


He had created this city

The elements comprised within it were crafted with his bare hands

He used the grey of abandonment to lather a concrete pad on the earth

The roads were laid from a mixture of pain-tainted asphalt

He deliberately carved out all sense of beauty, and stripped the land of colour

The ivory rationality of his ethos lined the blueprints

He harvested isolation and self-hatred as raw materials

Every pocket of anguish in his past, he moulded into fixed, solid beams, that he could shift and control

He aligned them to forge an impenetrable citadel;

Devotedly, ambitiously, and with back-breaking endurance, he shaped and fortified his city

For years upon years, he tended to the layers of his prison of protection

He tenaciously devised and improved the security

Locking and veiling the inner chambers, so that they were virtually undetectable


Then she came into his domain

And she destroyed everything in her wake

He stood in the midst of a wasteland

She moved toward him through the rubble

Took his hand, and said, ‘Time to rebuild my love’


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘LAYERS‘ at The Daily Post

Artwork by Thomasz Allen Kopera

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