Diamond Dust


I know where you are

I open the bathroom door

Startling whiteness smacks me in the face

There is no hiding the truth in this space

I see you, huddled against the wall, rocking in a false solace

Your muscular frame curled in upon itself


But it is the floor that captures my eye

It is glistening

Shafts of diamond light shivering across the walls

I place a bare foot on the tiles

Hear the crunch of glass beneath my skin

I move across the debris

Feeling the remnants of you puncture my feet


As I glide closer I see you clearly

Sitting in a pool of crushed jewels

They have split out from you

Coloured fragments lay at your feet

And stick resiliently to your pale frame

I place my feet, one step at a time, on the endless mass of shards

To get to you

Red seeps from me, forming a trail behind me


I kneel down in front of you

My bare knees crunch down

The red in me slowly blankets the scattered colours of you

I assess the mess engulfing us

The haphazard pattern of glittering white

Rippled with gleaming flashes of burgundy and topaz


I must find the pieces of your heart

I sift through the piles

While your head is buried in your knees

Your arms wrapped tightly around your legs

My fingers and hands begin to release red

The red of my need to save you

The diamond dust yields a pocket of larger fragments

Different from the rest


I know instantly what they are

I collect them

Place them gently in the palm of one hand

Hold them, as blood drips from my fingers

But I won’t let go

I have them all my darling …

I have them


I reach out with my other hand and touch your arm

Will you to lift your head, and open to me

You raise your head

And I see the brokenness reflected in your eyes

I gently unfold your arms, and push your chest tenderly

So you are sitting upright against the wall

You let your legs drop, and your arms fall to your side

I slide closer to you, the glass shearing my skin


I nestle between your legs

I open my palm and study the pieces within it

Then I look upon your chest

Slowly and methodically, I begin to place each fragment upon your chest

Piecing them together like a puzzle

I mosaic your heart

To make it whole again

I watch the beauty of it resurrect with each piece added

Bejewelled glistening radiance


When the last piece is in place, I meet your gaze

And look upon your form

You are the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on

And I will spend my life protecting you

I will pick up every broken piece that falls from you

Endure any horror to make you whole again

For your salvation enables mine


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘GLASS‘ at The Daily Post

Image sourced at knowredherrings.wordpress.com

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