The Midnight Sepulchre


I swim for an eternity to get to you

Down into the depths

I willingly leave the light behind

In search of you in the darkness

The blackness will not stop me

The coldness will not deter me

Nothing will prevent me reaching you


My fingers finally brush your form

I have found you

Blind in this watery midnight

My hands search your skin

Findng your shoulders, they trace the line of your arms

Until they rest upon your hands


I hold your hands tightly and begin to pull

I need to take you to the surface

Your hands raise with my body

But then I am abruptly halted

I pull harder

Your body is unyielding

Confused, I trace back up your arms

Then down your chest


My heart stops

The cold suddenly paralyses me

The cold texture of metal

I gently scan the outline of its source with my fingertips

With dawning horror  realise …

It is a chain

Your body is bound by chains

They hold you to the floor of this watery cavern


I begin to try to pull them from you

But you are bound tight

Adrenalin fuels my desperation to unbind you

I claw at the metal

My hands manically searching for a solution

Anything that will allow me to free you


Then I feel your hands tenderly touch mine

I pull mine away, transfixed by my task

But you take them again

This time I let you

Believing it a gesture of tenderness

Until you slowly prise my fingers from the chain

And push them away from your body


In a moment of sickening clarity I realise

That you do not want to be saved

You want to remain in the depths

I have risked my existence to swim down to you

In the selfish pusuit of bringing you back to me

Because I need you to return with me

I need you by my side

To traverse the landscape on the surface

Without you I will wander the earth as a ghost

A sceptre of a being


I am momentarily struck by the impossibility of my position

I cannot remain down here

Where I cannot breathe

I cannot pull you to the surface

Where I can keep you safe

Because the arduous ascension could kill you

So what do I do?


Either way I will never be the same

If I stay here I will die

If I force you to the surface I risk your life

And your death will deform and dement me

Into an irrecognsable version of my former self

If I leave you here

And return alone

You will survive

I can live knowing you are alive down here

But it will herald my soul’s complete and utter demise

As my soul will remain with you


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