The Musician and the Instrument


This piece was created to ‘What You Want’ by The John Butler Trio

I am the musician, my love,

And you are the instrument

Alone, we have the potential for genius

It resides deep in our very cores

Traversing through our veins

Tumbling inside us,

As raw viscous energy


I can envision the notes

String them together in my mind

Compose a symphony that resonates in me;

The perfect lyrical journey

Mapped out with poignant precision


But I need the instrument to make my masterpiece

The instrument is the vessel,

Through which I pour forth my brilliance

Birthing my authentic revelation to the world


Without the instrument

The melody does not just play in my head alone …

The melody does not exist …

For it could only be envisioned

By intimately knowing the sounds,

That the instrument is capable of producing


It is the same for you, my love, as the instrument

You are wasted without the musician

The instrument has great potential for magnificence

A rare ability to invoke emotional tapestries

To radically shift and crescendo

Simply using the power of sound


But the instrument needs someone to play it

To explore and touch it

To weave magic from its notes

The authentic truth of the instrument

Vibrates into life,

In the hands of the musician


Without the musician

The instrument does not just stand unplayed …

The instrument’s sound has never been heard …

Because the musician never discovered it,

Or the staggering beauty it could create


The musician and the instrument are intrinsically linked

Driven by their insatiable need to make music

They cannot create it alone

They require one another

To make the music that was always in them

Their purest potential can only be revealed,

Through use of the other


Without the other, they both remain tragically unheard

But in unison

My god, together …

When the musician’s very soul,

Is surrendered to the instrument …

It is an inexplicably sacred thing

An experience closer to the divine than any other

With the power to both confirm, and alter, who they are


When they finally reveal their music

They conjure the most breathtaking melodies imaginable

That echo through the valleys of eternity


For as they play their song,

They reach into the confines of the other

Unearthing the concealed treasures that lay within …


They recognise who they truly are

Where they always belonged

And what they were put on this earth to do


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘RADICAL’ at The Daily Post

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