Silent Exultation


This post was written to ‘The Wisp Sings’ by Winter Aid

It is time to awaken now

Feel your pores open to the light

And the oxygen, vibrantly tapering,

Through freshly seeing cells

Watch the world intangibly spin on its axis

Clear, sublime, honest


The time has come for you to stop …

Stop numbing the pain

Stop cloaking the darkness

Stop choosing cowardice over bravery

Let your ghosts come,

Bearing their grief, loss and anger

Hear them

Then hold out your hand, and call a ceasefire


Allow the silence

To unfurl the pastures of reality before you

Be terrified and excited by the clarity

That seamlessly flows all around and through you

For this is the place from which you spring forth

With lust, fear, zest and grace


It is here, in the startling silence, that you say;

“Yes … Life … fuck, yes – I’m ready!

Throw me your delights and horrors

You erratic, yet irritatingly loveable bastard!

Continue to mould me into who I am

I don’t fear you anymore

(I still don’t agree with some of the more suspect decisions you have made in my regard – let me be clear)

But I finally respect you now

And I take you

With every re-birthed fibre of my being …

I take you.”


You voice this openly to the world

And you believe it

You have navigated the darkness,

Wearing the scars of those demons from the past

Wear them now with pride

For the first time in your life

Accept that more will probably join them

But know that love and laughter will trump them every time

And those are two things you happen to do damn well


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘SILENCE‘ at The Daily Post

3 thoughts on “Silent Exultation”

      1. I see your daughter and you in the photo, my goodness little Ellie just looks like her granma!
        Yes painful but beautiful.
        I’m saddened that I didn’t know therefore didn’t say goodbye to your mum at the funeral, but I have done so in prayer. X


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