You have to strip for me now

Enough of this vernacular bullshit

It is boring, and dreary

Forget the external layers that comprise you

Release them

They hold no currency with me

I demand that you strip yourself bare

Who are you at the core?

Don’t idle, stall, or shrink away

Strive, and answer

Push harder

Push further

Don’t just dig in – excavate the recesses of your pain

Stare your demons in the eye – challenge those inconveniently repressed fuckers

Hack through expectations

Sunbake on the fiery coals of reason

Traverse the solitary deserts

Unlock the horrific underground chambers

Punch clean through the tidy borders of your existence

Let yourself break



Utterly obliterate and annihilate yourself

Doubt your ability, capacity and strength

Be beyond terrified

Then get the fuck up

Start again

Build yourself from ether

Construct a citadel of defiant magnificence

Your daring mission statement to the world

Lit up in glaring psychedelic beacons

And know what it is to be invincible


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘BORDER‘ at The Daily Post

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