My writing is raw. It is real. It is confronting. It is dark and hauntingly beautiful. It is deep. It is honest. To bare my soul in such a vulnerable way, I derive inspiration from others who seek to do the same.

When I write or paint I listen to music. Music that inspires me. Melodies that reach into the confines of my soul. Voices that transport and alter me, through their sheer raw beauty.

I have decided to add a music element to this blog in regular segments. In doing so I hope to pay homage to the artists that have deeply affected me. I will provide lists of songs – both old and current – that I believe every person on earth should hear. If there also happens to be a sublimely perfect music video to accompany that song, then I will add the utube link. I don’t find it happens too often (or maybe I’m just picky and weird) that the imagery or story in a music video takes the actual song to a deeper level. But when you get an exquisite voice, beautiful song, and combine it with an emotive music video … it has the ability to affect you on the deepest of levels.

In the hopes of proving my point to all you other deep souls reading my blog, here are a few of my favourite songs, that also happen to have superb official music videos:

James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire (ft. Bon Iver)

James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier

RY X – Only (Official Video)

Please feel free to comment, and I hope you get as much out of these as I did 🙂


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