A Mother’s Quest for Sanity and Purpose

I have been a mum for just over six years now. It has defined and consumed my life; my entire existence revolving around my son and daughter. In 2015 I began to ask the question, If my life is made so much richer by being a mother, then what is this hollow void that still resides in me? I realised, over the course of last year, that I had lost all sense of who I was, in the effort to be a selfless and damn right excellent mother.

Who am I? I am a mother, and that will always be my most cherished role. But I am also an individual. I am also a creative spirit. I am also an artist and a writer. I am also a deep, analytical, overly emotional, playful, cheeky woman. Somehow, those aspects of me have been lost, or minimalised.

2016 is the year I take them back. This year is the year I explore and redefine myself. I will acknowledge and confront the demons waiting dormant in my heart, and embrace the light in my soul. And in so doing, I will do my kids the greatest service possible – providing them with the fullest, happiest, and most honest version of their mother.

The journey has begun …

This blog (such a hideous word, they should call it something else!) will be a collective assortment of musings on the daily triumphs and trials of motherhood, insights into my struggle with emotions and mental stability, and a testament to my quest to rediscover myself and find my purpose in this world.


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