Rhythmic Abandon


Chaotic harmonious existence


Cruelly beautiful

The disillusionment of it sears through us

As awareness struggles to reassert itself in the dust

We free ourselves from the battle for a moment

And unravel the cords inside

Fragments of us float by in pink velvet bubbles

Immersed in a sea of sublime overflowing emptiness

That we are unable to define, identify or explain


Everything dances idly in slow motion

Above us aubergine shadows glow seductively

The echo of music reaches out and strokes us

As our bodies vibrate endlessly with conflicting patterns

Our egos reign down on us

A million of them ramble haphazardly into consciousness

None of it makes sense

Yet some part of us registers the deepest sense of truth from this chaos


Our hands are frozen, pale and white

Capable of so much hurt and love – instruments of destructive despair and endless passion

The scars on our wrists remind us of the endless possibilities of life and the joy and sorrow there is in living

Our boulders are weighing down on us

We ache

Every part of us aches

This offers us hope because it means we are still able to feel

We are being touched by thousands of tiny fingertips, yet no one is reaching us

We are our only solace, and for a moment, a brief moment, that is enough

Then it dissipates and we are abandoned by our own hands again


Why won’t someone come and rescue us?

We call but everyone sits in their boxes, unable to respond

What to make of them?

Does it mean they love us any less?

We need to be held

We need to be told that we matter

Maybe we should love ourselves more, but we don’t know how

We wish it would rain to cleanse the sadness and lack of appreciation from our souls


We are forced to craft our own version of utopia

On a mountain surrounded by a violet gloom

The stars glisten at us as they fade into oblivion

We admire their existence

The enchanting symphony of morning birds has begun

A song that was once irritating

That mocked our endless sorrow

Today is the most beautiful, intoxicating sound in the history of humanity


Through the mist brilliant colours illuminate tiny roads

The earth is beckoning to us

Should we go to it?

For now we just sit and absorb, justified in our solitude and isolation

But it’s so beautiful

We want to go back

The time is near, but not just yet


We are like candles

Glowing with life, yet slowly burning out

Somewhere below the mountain someone is fighting for their flame to survive

Amongst fierce endless winds

Someone is lying on their bathroom floor, letting the cold ice of the ground engulf them

Unable to summon the strength to move

Someone is agonised and someone is playing with desire

Someone is standing under the moon, bathing in the beauty and gift of their existence

Almost breaking from their passion

The dove lifts a spirit somewhere and someone is saved in the night

And shown the door to innocence


We are a collective ocean of human emotion blanketing the earth

Misery has a face

As does indefinable beauty

Lucky we’ve seen them both

Human emotion is reflected in every crease and flaw of our skin, illustrating a visual path of our lives

Feathers and raindrops fall at our feet

Our destinies reflect in pools of wonder

For a moment we smile and feel tears fall from our cheeks to join the puddles of our fate


People do reach us

They touch the deepest crevices of our hallowed beings and they’re beautiful

The perfection of all is painstakingly revealed

Every pore of life’s skin opens lasciviously to us

We can smell it

It is nearly sunrise

We are being reborn

Salvation will fall into our blood-soaked laps

If we seize what was always there


The universe is trying to tell us to be patient

It smiles at us and our follies with such grace that we are rendered breathless

The world is a dizzying display of rhythmical abandon

We don’t want to miss one moment

Fall into the depths of despair and erase the learning process

Or aspire to the heights of divinity


Reach up

Reach for the universe

It’s falling and it needs to be caught

This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘SOLITUDE‘ at The Daily Post

Image sourced from pinterest at https://www.google.com.au/search?q=solitude&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjlyvGg0rLMAhUD2qYKHffmBgYQ_AUIBygB&biw=1366&bih=631#tbm=isch&q=solitude+photography&imgrc=aerKOKD5SM9K5M%3A


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