This Love


Listen to ‘Turning Page’, by Sleeping at Last, as you read this …

Love … that ancient and enigmatic shapeshifter

I have known many of its shapes

It has altered my own shape

That most powerful of human emotions

Curved and comforting

Blind and heavenly

Hidden or Given



Completely unrivaled …


Another of its shapes is gifted to me now

Altering and transforming my very essence

Never has love penetrated me so deeply

Challenging who I am

Causing me to question everything I’ve ever known

Forcing me to face my demons

Blanketing me with aqua acceptance

Allowing me to find my authenticity in this world


For never did any form fit mine

With such undeniable perfection

Never has a mind understood mine

With such harsh indigo honesty

Never did another soul

Resonate so startingly with mine

With such a shivering inexplicable belonging

Such that it consumes and fuels every atom that comprises me


I never knew love could be so violent …

In its sheer and debilitating desperation

And in its revelation of truth

I know the ache of grief and loss well

For I carry the burden of it in the shadows of my past

I believed I knew the ache of love …

But I had no fucking clue

No idea what love was capable of doing

Of how it can tear through your body

With white crushing fire

Igniting your core

And flooding painfully and magnificently through your veins


Never has another’s heart been so hard to keep …

But never has my heart needed another’s

With such magenta primal ferocity


This love defies the very concept of need

For it is unimaginably torturous when threatened

Yet indescribably exquisite when captured

And when held tight

Please … whatever forces are at play in this strange and glorious universe …

Let me hold this love until my dying day


This Post was inspired by the word prompt ‘FIERCE‘ at The Daily Post

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