The Legacy Rose


(This piece was written to the melody of ‘Twins’, by Gem Club)

You were my life, my greatest friend, my anchor

You were my husband, and my One

I lay, day after day, night after night

Ever vigilant, by your side

As the illness consumed your body, piece by piece

I was there when the light left your eyes

The day that Death came to claim you


The Reaper took more than the body of my soul-mate that day

He took the colour from the world

He flooded the walls and floors of our home with grief

But it was the garden that bore the greatest marks of suffering

In the wake of your absence

What once flourished, slowly receded back

As if in respectful mourning of what had been taken

The earth there, so lovingly tended by your hand, turned barren

Only a singular white rose remained


It seemed a peculiar thing

And I studied it with numb confusion

Wondering why it refused to perish along with its comrades

Confusion shifted gradually to amazement

As, rather than withering, the rose proved only to flourish


Its endurance was a mystery to me

Until I visited our daughter one ordinary day –

Our daughter, now grown, with a family of her own

As we sat together

A moment shivered by

Where I saw her look at her husband, for just an instant

The way I used to look at you


My soul was smiling as I returned to our house

I walked the path to the door

But as I did my gaze drifted to the garden

The white rose

And it became clear, My Love

It was our daughter’s turn

I will be forever grateful that you lived to see her find the love of her life

And to see new life spring forth from that union

Together we saw our love pass to her

Her revelry in that love was what created this white rose

That is why it endures

That is why it remains more beautiful than any before it


This revelation brought a peace to my heart that was unmatched

I watched the rose grow and thrive

Watched it blossom with renewed vigour each year

Felt its presence pour endless sunlight into my being


But now, My Love, something even more miraculous has happened

In this summer just passed a new rose began to grow

From a most unexpected source indeed

My Love … our grandson has found it

The boy who always reminded me more of you than any other

The man who resembles you more and more with each passing year

He has found his One

He has found a love like ours

And claimed it for his own


The rose began to grow in June

And now it has blossomed

Revealing the most breathtaking shade of deep red

With the softest yellow centre imaginable

I gazed upon it, My Love

And I realised that it is a hybrid rose

The yellow of our love

Forever protecting the vibrant red of theirs

Our legacy has created a Double-Delight rose My Love!

Can you believe it?!


I know now that our love was never taken

It never even faded

It was willingly bestowed

Our legacy is immortal, My Love

Death has no power over it

For as our grandsons love endures, it brings fresh life

And as our great-grandchildren grow

So does the rose that created them

Until the day comes that they are old enough to create their own


My utopia was in the honour of being your wife

My peace is in watching our descendants enter those same gates


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘FADED‘ at The Daily Post

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