With Your Eyes


When our eyes meet, the world calls a ceasefire

The landscape blurs around me

All I see is those sea green pools

Shimmering portals to your being

Gazes locked

Swimming in vivid colour

Slipping seamlessly into the other


With your eyes, you send iridescence spinning through my veins

A golden stream ignites my cheeks

And trickles down the curve of my neck

The gold unfurls, and splays across my shoulders

Filtering down my arms

It reaches for my hands

And sits, beating sublimely upon my fingertips


With your eyes, you envelope my heart in amber silk

Threading a link to yours

I know that heart …

It is the part of me that has been missing all these years


With your eyes, you sate my heart’s deepest desire

Its need to belong

Wholeness swells in my chest, and crescendos to burning white

Expanding and crushing

Liquid love explodes forth, pouring down my body


With your eyes, you force electric blue heat plummeting down

Strong enough to weaken my hold on this earth

Desire swirls and vibrates within my core

An aching pull ripples through me

Blue radiance spins, and snowballs into a glowing sphere

In timeless velocity blue shifts to violet

And majestically unfolds to feathered crimson


With your eyes, you drench my core in red

The want of you burns violently in my very centre

And shivers over every inch of my skin

Consuming my every sense

Stripping my every doubt

Defying my every thought


With your eyes, you create an entity of need in me

It pulls, rips and tears at my depths

In an exquisitely painful soliloquy of longing

My lips and fingers sear with desperation

To fall into you

To know the feel of your skin on mine

To inhale every atom that comprises you


With your eyes, you take all of me

I surrender my every surface to your touch

I surrender my every scar to your care

I surrender my every element to your heart

For when our eyes meet

Your soul takes possession of mine

And with your eyes, you take my soul home


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘BURN‘ at The Daily Post

Image sourced at www.astroblog.com



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