Agonised Utopia

Agonised Utopia

Distant presences collided in disorganised union
Illuminated paths of intoxicating discourse
Both souls wondering… ‘what the hell just happened?’
Cautiously cleaving to the sea-green comfort of knowledge
Their knowledge of what should be done
What should be done hung, like grey boulders, lording over the meek
Until what needed to happen swept through like a red velvet wave
Surrendering them to the abyss of irrational love

Prayers for an alternate truth
The burden of absence
Whispers of purple longing canvassing the oceans
Desperate requirement of forgotten logic

The second meeting of hearts long abandoned
Aching need emerging from the endless depths
Terrifying clarity found … I know you

Sublime cries of agonised bliss
Essences melding in golden abandon
Inside is where he belonged
Stay inside….but don’t stay too long
Topaz rays shimmering shafts of love
The silver scythe of impossibility luring vindictively

She wanted to dissipate at the thought of impending deprivation
He coaxed her back to life with the crushing beauty of his soul
The grey veil of acceptance brushed past in the unforgiving night
The fresh dawn of gratitude’s blanket
Eternity was theirs
As she released him from her melodic embrace

He found yellow dappled contentment in another crafted place
She wandered the face of the earth, wistfully searching for her own sheltered yellow harbour
Smiling at what had been
No power was strong enough to take her love
No-one would dare
With permanent reserves of utopian memories scattered through her being
She rode the tides of life

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