To watch you sleep is a strange and profound honour

I can stare so openly at you now

Devoid of interruption

Uninhibited by reason or fear

I am caught in a ritual of the most untarnished reverence


I absorb the way you look

Diving into you with my eyes

You … the object of my swelling adoration

The unfettered rawness of my desire ripples through me

Enveloping my body in a shivering turquoise melody


Looking upon your resting form

I am gifted with the slow beat of time

A startlingly acute, crimson craving is ignited in me

To appreciate the exact tone and pattern of your skin

To explore the precise details of your features

To perceive the unique edges and lines of your structure


The precious brilliance of your inner confines

Is so perfectly reflected in your physical being

The visual tapestry of your every contour

Is a sensory journey of unparalleled rapture

That I am blessed to behold


The simple act of looking at you

Binds my gaze and renders me paralysed

I soak in the idea of tasting your remarkably crafted mouth

And the desperate need for you sears through me

I am completely and irrevocably consumed

By sublimely painful longing

Love engulfs me with white caressing radiance


Every fibre that comprises me reverberates with recognition

And in this moment I am unequivocally shaken by the truth

That you have become my religion

You have become my purpose, and my reason to breathe

I am staring at my destiny

The world was made for you and me

And eons of time aligned to make you mine


This post was inspired by the word prompt ‘SIMPLICITY’ at The Daily Post

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